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Addo Platform is an artistic apparatus that creates opportunities for varied artistic fields. We are focused on transforming and enlightening communities by hosting events that bring together its local artists and international commuters. 

Addo Platform runs dance workshops, performances, exhibitions, residencies, classes, online marketing opportunities & a range of others: from an online network, where artists can share their visions, to physical occasions where knowledge and artistic ideas are cultivated. By commissioning a place where thoughts, information and visions can be shared, Addo Platform promotes the critical appreciation of the contemporary arts.


Upcoming Events

David Katzenstein Photography | Addo Platform


Location: Toronto . Canada
NBS - Canada’s National Ballet School (maps)

November 9th & 10th 2019

Schedule: (tbc)
Nov. 9th 2019 ( 4:00pm - 7:00 )

Gaga/dancer Classes
Ohad Naharin Movement Repetoire

Nov. 10th 2019 ( 1:30pm - 4:30 )
Gaga/dancer Classes
Ohad Naharin Movement Repetoire

Gaga/people Classes

helena Duque Photography | Addo Platform Summer Intensive 2019

Gaga/People Classes

Location: Vancouver . Canada
Simon Fraser University Woodwards & The Dance Centre

October 31st @ 7:00pm - SFU Woodwards
November 1st @ 9:00am - The Dance Centre
November 1st @ 8:00pm - SFU Woodwards
November 2nd @ 9:00am - SFU Woodwards
November 2nd @ 5:00pm - SFU Woodwards
November 3rd @ 10:00am - SFU Woodwards




Check out our current gaga and movement workshops we produce around the world



Check out our current gaga classes around the world