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Addo Film Application

Application Form

Addo Film showcases a 60 second Trailer of the work on its Instagram Page & the Full Length Video on the Addo Platforms website. The application process is currently *free of charge*, and will continue to be, for the accessibility for emerging artists to showcase their work internationally.

If you have any Still Images/Pictures that you would like to share with us. Please provide them via email to:

Please fill out the Application Form Below

Name *
Please provide a *Downloadable* video link via Vimeo
Please provide the Video Biography and all Artist Credits (for artists involved in the creation of the video).
Agreement *
I agree that 

 Addo Platform has publicity rights over the artists work submitted through this application - for website and event promotion only. Ownership of all material maintains in the artist(s) possession, and the artist(s) has the right at any point to ask for their work to be taken down from the website. 

Addo Platform agrees to credit all videos work, as presented by the artist(s) in the “Video Biography & Artists Credits” section of the application; and does not take responsibility for the downloading of video or photographic material given by the artist - and is not liable for any distributions outside of Addo Platforms website. Addo Platform will be attaching the brand watermark to the bottom of the video for website purposes.

For all enquires regarding Addo Film, please contact