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About us

Nicolas Ventura | Addo Platform Co-Founder
Margarida Macieira | Addo Platform Co-Founder

Addo Platform Canada Inc has been registered as an extra provincial company this year. We are an artistic apparatus that creates opportunities for varied artistic fields, transforming and enlightening communities by hosting events that bring together its local artists and international commuters.

Addo Platform runs dance workshops, performances, exhibitions, residencies, classes &  others.
 By commissioning a place where thoughts, information and visions can be shared, Addo Platform promotes the critical appreciation of the contemporary arts.

Co directed by Nicolas Ventura and Margarida Macieira, the emerging platform was launched in Vancouver BC, in the Summer of 2018, with two events: a contemporary dance Summer Intensive,  embracing a full house of 23 dancers from 5 countries, and open Gaga/People classes for the community, where more than 100 members of Vancouver joined.

Based in Canada and inspired by its local talent and the potential of the art scene, Addo Platform has created an unique  model that can be taken to different places in Europe and America, aiming to bridge continents, enabling international collaborative relationships. 

“ Addo Platform is a space for exchange, a place to develop appreciation for diversity and growth.”
Margarida Macieira, Co Director

    The Platform: Mission and Goals

    As a Canadian based platform, Addo Platform aims to create opportunities for the Canadian dance community by establishing an international network for dance artists.

    • Work towards making the region a notable cultural destination for citizens and visitors.
    • Bring to Canada International dance Artists
    • Develop the artistic community in Canada, promoting social inclusion and the value of arts
    • Promote dance opportunities in Canada
    • Potentiate national choreographers
    • Promote critical appreciation of the fine arts
    • Give opportunities to young professionals and dance students to experience different dance techniques
    • Give a wide range of effective, positive, responsive events (workshops, exhibitions, etc) that support the arts, constructing the art community in Canada

    Summer Intensive 2018 

    Addo Platform | Summer Intensive 2018

    Produced by the platform and hosted at the Scotiabank Dance centre, the Summer Intensive 2018  focused on connecting the Israeli Dance Scene and leading Canadian choreographers within the Vancouver community. 

    23, national and international, dancers from Mexico, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, United States of America and Canada have joined us this Summer, travelling to Vancouver to experience an unique opportunity and to immerse themselves in a Canadian city valued for its artistic community.

    The dancers were mentored by 3 emerging and acknowledged choreographers  as Shay Kuebler, from Canada, and Guy Shomroni and Yasmin Mahmoud from Israel, and delved in different known repertoires from Ohad Naharin and Shay Kuebler Radical System Art and participated in 10 Gaga classes delivered by 3 Gaga movement teachers (movement language created by Israeli choreographer Ohad Naharin). Furthermore, research movement enhancement classes, taught by 2 teachers (Nicolas Ventura - Canadian and Amy Morrow - American), were added to the workshop content, as well as a e session creation process with Yasmin and Guy. During the two weeks Addo Platform has also hosted 2 improvisation sessions with a live DJ and the opportunity for participants to show their weekly work to invited guests.

    Addo Platform | Summer Intensive 2018

    "By spreading these different movement languages we intend to bring versatility and diversity to the community, bringing focus to the exciting city of Vancouver BC and what it delivers. " Nicolas Ventura, Co Director


    Gaga classes

    By hosting Gaga/People classes, Addo Platform has begun bridging different movement practitioners and  artistic communities in Vancouver, as this research benefits different movement practices.

    Attracting a wide variety of participants, Addo Platform was visited by more than 100 citizens.

    The 2018 Faculty for Addo Platform

    Guy Shomroni, Israeli, ex-Batsheva dancer teaching  Gaga/People and was also teacher for the Summer Intensive delivering Gaga/Dancer classes and 2 pieces of repertoire of Ohad Naharin´s work. Guy will also be developing creative sessions of his own work with Yasmin Mahmoud by delving in exploring movement and choreographic tools. 

    Hayden Fong, Canadian, teaching Shay Kuebler Radical System Art techniques and repertoire.

    Alvin Collantes Photography | Addo Platform.jpg

    Amy Morrow, American, teaching Gaga/People and Gaga/Dancer classes and bringing TBX [ Toolbox Series ] in collaboration with Nicolas Ventura, Canadian.

    Alvin Collantes, Canadian, is our producer manager, Gaga teacher and in-house photographer.

    The Participants:
    9 United States of America | 8 Canada | 1 United Kingdom | 3 Mexico | 1 Hong Kong

    Addo Platform Board

    Nicolas Ventura, born in Guatemala and raised in Vancouver, has travelled around the world for his work and studies. He is currently a dancer and choreographer, moved by the excitement to meet and connect with people. Living for 4 years in Europe and afterwards encountering inspiration in Israel, he hopes to integrate his experiences into the Canadian art scene.  Nicolas is a full time dancer for Batsheva - the young ensemble, in Tel Aviv.
    “ I would like to connect my hometown Vancouver, Canada, with the diverse artistic influences that I have encountered in the years developed throughout my professional career”  - Nicolas Ventura

    Margarida Macieira, born in Lisbon, Portugal, is working as a freelance dance artist in the UK and Israel is an emerging choreographer. Margarida often takes upon creative managerial roles as she thrives to support artists build their visions.
     “ I love to know that we are creating a network of opportunities for artists; the possibilities are endless. I am really eager to take Addo to many cities in the World: A moving creative train.” - Margarida Macieira 

    The Future

    Addo Platform will host dance workshops, performances, exhibitions, residencies, classes, online marketing opportunities & a range of other artistic endeavours. From an online network, where artists can share their visions, to physical occasions where knowledge and artistic ideas are cultivated.

    Alvin Collantes Photography | Addo Platform.jpg
    • The 2018's summer workshop is the first workshop model. The team will be active and aware about recording success and opportunities for positive development;
    • Following the completion of the 2018 season, Addo aims to expand its network internationally through Europe and North America hosting performances, workshops, and other artistic events;
    • In 2019 the Addo team will be proposing 2 intensive workshops allocated in the summer season in Vancouver, Canada and Lisbon, Portugal. At the moment we are supported by both the Municipality of Cascais in Lisbon, Portugal & The Israli Consulate General of Toronto and Western Canada. We hope to create more bridges and supporter who are eager to build the dream we have for the community.
    • In 2020 Addo aims to be able to deliver ongoing Gaga classes in Vancouver, host workshops around Europe and North America and establish an artistic residency Platform.

    Photography on this page is by Addo House Photographer - Alvin Collantes


    This Summer Intensive is currently supported by

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