Terms & Conditions


Gaga/people & Gaga/Dancer Classes

My participation in the Gaga classes are for my own personal skills and knowledge. I understand that this training does not license me as a teacher of Gaga. I hereby declare that I will not call my teaching "Gaga", "based on Gaga", "Gaga inspired", "inspired by Gaga" or any other wording using the word "Gaga". I understand that I am free to incorporate what I learn in my dancing, choreographing, and teaching, yet under no circumstance I can declare that I teach Gaga, or use the word "Gaga" in regard to my teaching. If I incorporate what I learn in my teaching, I will encourage my students to experience Gaga for themselves with a certified Gaga teacher. (http://gagapeople.com/english/category/team/teachers/).

I understand that breaking this commitment will be considered as offending the legal rights of Gaga Movement. I understand that teaching Gaga requires special license given by Ohad Naharin.

Making a purchase from this website (becomes my legal signature), I declare that I understand and agree to the terms written in it.