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Addo Platform aims to make art in different communities more accessible and collaborative. With a simple foundation of bringing the community together through the passion for movement, Macieira and Ventura hope to provide artists, people and cities with an open artistic space, that crosses the global scale.

Although Addo has its roots in Vancouver . Canada, Macieira and Ventura will be venturing to cities across the globe in an effort to stretch the arts into multiple communities. Addo not only brings dance from city to city, but also serves as a platform of exploration and collaboration for various artistic fields. In addition to the dance workshop, which unites local and international styles and practices, Addo will soon host film festivals and residencies for artists to create, share and gain exposure using the global network of Addo.

“What started as an idea of working with a network of people, to bring communities together through art, has turned into a collective dream come true,” says Ventura looking back on the success of the 2018 Vancouver Addo Dance Intensive.

Upcoming Gaga Classes

Addo Platform would like to invite everyone to our Gaga classes, held around the world

Yaniv Abraham | Ian Robinson Photography


July and August 2019

Join us this summer

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Past Gaga Classes


Photography on page | Alvin Collantes . Ascaf Avraham . Gadi Dagon